Aurora AS570SBX Paper Shredder Review – Cross and Strip Cuts – Great for Home Use!

We purchased an Aurora AS570SBX is a great paper shredder that we purchased a few years ago for our home. We paid around $30 for this at papershredder101. It has a cross cut or a strip cut option. This is great depending on if you feel something needs extra shredding to make sure it is all gone where no one can read it at all.

This shredder worked perfectly when we first bought it. We did not have any problems with it at all for a long time. It would cut both directions and also go in reverse. I really like the reverse option. This is great if you put too much stuff through the shredder at one time. You can then reverse it and get some of it out.

It has an auto setting where anytime you put something in the shredder it will start on its own. This setting works great, but if you put anything small in it the motor starts going. I decided it was best not to use it with small children in the house. It makes me really nervous that they could get a shirt, hand, or anything else in it on accident. Instead we keep it on the off setting and then move it over to auto when we want to use it. I also keep it unplugged, but that is just being super cautious.

This shredder is now almost three years old. It works great still but sometimes gets clogged up because it has been used so much. It also does not work in cross hardly at all anymore. I am fine with it just doing strips though because this makes it shredded well enough for me. It only has to be dumped about twice a month and I shred a lot. It is easy to take the top off and dump the paper into a trash bag.

I have been very happy with this paper shredder over all. I would recommend buying this particular model and would consider this brand again. This has been a great shredder for our home for the price we paid for it.

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